By Fred Carmichael

Dinner Theatre Fundraiser

Fundraiser in support of Spotliters Community Theatre Group!


Directed by Jeanne Gold

Produced by Juliann Pomykacz


Show Date: Thursday – June 11, 2015

6:30 pm to 11:00 pm


The story alternates between reality and imagination as five mystery writers wrestle with the problem of writing a television mystery series. All around them murders occur and each writer takes a turn at solving them in his own style. Five once famous mystery writers (a couple who only write the most sophisticated of murders, a young author of the James Bond school, a retired writer of the hard-hitting method and an aging Queen of the logical murder) involve the audience as they explore their own methods of investigation on a series of murders. Finally, a member of the house staff is murdered, and the laughter reaches its peak for the final curtain.

Come Join us at:

Gambi Caterers

595 Princeton Blvd, Deptford NJ

Individual Tickets $30.00

Night out for Two $50.00

Price includes Murder Mystery Show, Salad, Hot Buffet Dinner, Coffee, Tea, Soda, BYOB

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Please be Advised that Strobe Lights will be used for this performance 




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